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From the Principal - Tamworth

From Christ and For Him:  Education for the real world!

At Carinya, Jesus Christ is central to the core vision of the school and the values and educational perspectives which define the school at every level.  Students are taught that everything they learn about is the work of the Lord Jesus, as the Creator of the universe: from the smallest particle of matter, to the immensity of the universe: from the first spark of life in the womb to the vast and complex history of the human race.

Students are taught that every skill, every ability and every gift they have, has come "From Christ" and is to be used "For Him".  Therefore, staff treat each student as an individual, made in the image of God, to be loved, valued and respected as a learner.  That means the learning and achievement of each student matters equally with the learning and achievement of every other student.  The achievement of some students is not singled out for reward or recognition, as if their success matters more than the learning and success of others.

Instead of seeking recognition and extrinsic rewards, students are taught to apply themselves with commitment and energy to everything they do: to "seek the reward in the task... to do a good job... that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well".  In pursuing these goals, students are nurtured to be positive and confident in their learning, to be thankful for the abilities God has given them and to willingly share those abilities with others.

These are Christ centred core values and priorities, which impact for good in the lives of others and prepare Carinya students to live and work in the real world.

Academically, our students enjoy strong (sometimes outstanding) results, and, after school prove to be excellent employees and apprentices, or very successful students in university and other tertiary studies.  On average over 80% of our Year 12 students go on to University where they excel.

A school for parents!

Parents really matter at Carinya and sharing with parents in the education of their children is rightly seen as a privilege for all staff, and one which we take very seriously. A close working relationship between parents and teachers is a strong foundation, as we seek to teach children to be resilient, responsible and self motivated in their learning.  Parents are encouraged to keep in close touch with the school and never hesitate to speak with staff about their child.

From Christ and For Him

The logo and motto of the school summarise the Christ Centred education that Carinya seeks to provide for every student.

The logo Alpha Omega is a stylised combination of the first and last letters of the ancient Greek alphabet, Alpha and Omega, and comes from a name given to Jesus Christ in the bible which means “the Beginning and the End”. In other words it expresses the truth that Jesus is the Creator and the Lord of eternity.

The motto “From Christ and For Him” follows naturally from the logo: that every ability, every talent and every opportunity we enjoy as individuals comes “From Christ” and so everything we do in our learning and our life must be “for Him”.  May He come again soon!

I look forward to meeting you, showing you around the school and considering with you what Carinya has to offer your family.

David Jones


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