a parents perspective

A Parents Perspective

Carinya Helps me Fulfill my Role as a Parent

The bible tells me that I am responsible for the care of my children. I am accountable to God for the way they are nurtured and developed. In the years before school-age, I fed and clothed them and encouraged their physical, mental and spiritual development.

In school-age years, I don't know enough to teach my child all he will need to know - nor do I have the time to devote to this important part of his growth to adulthood and maturity. The teachers at Carinya are equipped to do this, and I see them as being in partnership with me in fulfilling my responsibilities for my children. It really is Home and School together!

Carinya Sees my Child as a Whole Person!

Carinya teachers work very hard at helping my child develop as a good student. They do so with real commitment to passing on knowledge and developing the skills my child will need in his life.

But at Carinya, while the teachers want my child to be a good student - the best student he can be -they want more than that. Their real concern is with the child as a whole person.

They are concerned about his attitudes, the development of his character and the values and beliefs that are shaping his life. They ask questions like:

  • Does he understand why the work is important?
  • Will he use what he is learning to serve others?
  • Will his schoolwork help him to understand more of Jesus Christ?
  • Will he live wisely and creatively in this world:

These, and other questions like them, are basic if a child is to develop as a whole person, and be more than just a good student.

A School For Parents

Parents are welcome and involved in the school. This applies whether parents are working with a teacher in the classroom, sharing mutual concern for their child with a teacher or coaching one of the many sporting teams in the school.

With students from Gumnuts to Year 12 sharing the same campus the close partnership between home and school encourages a strong sense of community which finds expression in multiple ways in the school. Students from the same family are taught in the one school, sometimes by the same teachers who taught their parents, teachers who are interested in the whole family.

Carinya Takes God Seriously

God is taken seriously in so many parts of the school's life, not just in formal classroom teaching. Students are encouraged to hold Jesus Christ central within all their daily encounters such as playing sport, resolving disputes and how they view others. Each child is taught that Christ is central to, and involved in all areas of life.

Carinya is Financially Affordable

Parents do not have to be rich to be able to pay fees at Carinya. Yes, there are fees to be paid, but they are not excessive. When combined with Government funding Carinya spends about the same amount of money on each student as does the local state school.

At Carinya there are no hidden costs - everything from books and pencils through to major excursions and camps are covered by the school fees.

There are some people who are not able to afford full fees, and Carinya has a scheme to offer fees-subsidies until people are able to pay full fees. No child is ever refused admission to the school for financial reasons.

Education at Carinya, in all its aspects, has now become so important to us, that fees are just about the last thing we think about when we think of the school. We know we get real 'value for money' by way of investment in our child's life that will have benefits for the whole of his life.

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