HSIE Coordinator

Carinya Christian School is now receiving applications for the position of Human Society and Its Environment Coordinator at our Tamworth school, commencing Term 1, 2016.

The Applicant

Applicants must be committed Christians of reformed evangelical persuasion and be suitably qualified to fill this important leadership role within the school.

Applicants do not necessarily have to be currently employed as a Coordinator, but must be able to illustrate from their work history and experience a capacity to fulfill the role.

Applicants who would consider this role as a promotional opportunity are encouraged to apply.

The Position

The HSIE Coordinator is expected to function as part of the school executive team and in that capacity, be proactive in determining and supporting policy and whole school development.

As head of the HSIE faculty the focus will be on leadership, direction and oversight of all aspects of the HSIE department.

Core Responsibilities include:

  • the development and implementation of a clear, Christ centred perspective across the subject,
  • ensuring all curriculum, teaching programs and assessment procedures compliant with BOSTES requirements.
  • ensuring curriculum delivery is compliant with specific Carinya pedagogical perspectives and imperatives ( motivation/feedback/public recognition etc).
  • setting the quality of teaching strategies, classroom delivery, feedback, learning outcomes and academic standards in the faculty.
  • ensuring staff and student welfare.
  • overseeing reporting to parents by faculty staff

A complete list of the HSIE Coordinators Roles and Responsibilities is available on request from the Principal’s secretary (6762 0970).

The School

Carinya Tamworth is a K to 12 co-educational school. The school has a strong academic profile and a broad sporting and extra curricular program.

Over 350 families form part of the school community and more than 580 students are currently enrolled at the Tamworth school.

Years 7 to 12 continue to experience strong enrolment growth. With the Secondary student body growing, the School is undertaking a building program to expand facilities and ensure a high quality learning environment is available for all students.


Teachers at Carinya are employed under the Independent Schools NSW Standards Model (Teachers) Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2011 – 2014. This agreement provides above average benefits and career progression opportunities to all staff.

Professional development is an important priority of the school and two non-teaching weeks are set aside each year during student vacation for all staff to collectively participate in Curriculum and Professional development. Carinya Term Dates do not match NSW Public Schools and can be reviewed via the school website.

The Region

Tamworth is the main commercial hub of the expanding New England region of North West NSW, and is one of the 7 Evocities identified by the NSW government.

An Evocity is not a sea change, not a tree change but a CITY CHANGE. Living in an Evocity means less time commuting, working and stressing, and more time for your family to enjoy NSW’s beautiful natural surrounds.

As a regional Evocity, Tamworth offers residents a lower cost of living, strong career and business opportunities and enhanced lifestyle.

Help With Relocation

The School is able to contribute financially toward the relocation expenses incurred by suitable applicants and will seek to support the transition of any family into the school and the broader Tamworth community.

How To Apply

Applications must be on the Carinya Staff Application Form. Hard copies are available on request from the Principal’s secretary (6762 0970).

Closing date for applications extended to the 6th of October 2015.

More Information About the School

Carinya Website: www.carinya.nsw.edu.au
Carinya YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/carinyacs
Carinya Facebook: www.facebook.com/CarinyaTamworth

Relocating Testimonials

Others have gone before you. It is possible and worth it.

If you are considering relocating from a major Metropolitan Area of NSW and would like more information we can help. Existing Primary, Secondary, and Admin staff who relocated to Tamworth are willing to share their experiences and stories about their new life in our beautiful school and city.

Contact the School if you would like to get in touch.

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