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Carinya's Uniform Requirements

The Carinya Christian School Uniform Code combines simplicity and dignity with affordability and ease of supply.

Carinya's Uniform Shop is located at the back of the school's Performing Arts Centre. The School Uniform Shop is an efficient and cost effective method for parents to maintain their children in school uniform.

The Carinya School Uniform Shop is the sole supplier of the Carinya school uniform and all items of uniform must be purchased from the shop. No other brands or styles are permissible without written permission from the school.

The school is committed to maintaining the agreement made with parents at enrolment, that the correct uniform will be worn and be worn correctly. Parents can be of great assistance to their children and to staff by fully supporting the correct Uniform Requirements. This is especially true in regard to the personal grooming requirements and the “door to door’ policy.

Wearing the uniform with dignity and integrity at school and in public is an important expression of a family’s commitment to the school and encourages a sense of community and belonging for students.

Purchasing the Uniform

All uniform items must be purchased from the School Uniform Shop. Any variation in uniform items from those provided by the School Uniform Shop will mean that the item will have to be replaced.

Door to Door Uniform Policy

Carinya has a “door to door” uniform policy and students must wear their school uniform to and from school in the appropriate manner. 

Carinya Uniform Code

Uniform Code and Dress Requirements 2017

Carinya Uniform Shop

Please see the Uniform Notice Board for opening times, stock availability and a price list.

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