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Carinya Christian School is committed to ongoing and sustained development of our Information and Communication Technology framework. This means that the school continues to refine and enhance the learning outcomes of every child as they are supported by Information and Communication Technologies.

Key elements of the e-learning platform @ Carinya include:

The Carinya Intranet

The Carinya Intranet is an 'on line' electronic learning management system. Using all the features of the Moodle 2.3 system, teachers are able to incorporate multimedia resources with online learning activities to create contemporary learning experiences. The Carinya Intranet is integrated with all other systems to ensure that students are always able to access their current courses and classes.

The school subscribes to a number of different programs, such as Britannica online, Spelling City and Reading Eggs. Using the intranet students can safely access these sites to continue their learning from home.


Edumate is a school administration program enabling Carinya to centralise, keep up to date, and make readily available all information essential for sound school management. A Parent Portal within Edumate enables parents/carers to provide and access information about their children that builds on the ‘home and school together’ relationship.

Carinya website

The Carinya website has a wealth of information about the school and provides links to the Intranet, Edumate, Parent/Teacher Online for booking interviews.


ClickView is a network-centred video library, making digital videos available for students on the Intranet at school and home. Staff have the ability to archive any program played free to air so that it can be used as lesson material. The school also maintains subscriptions to a variety of educational media providers whose video’s are available within ClickView.

Smartboards and Data projectors

Regular classrooms have Smartboards installed and mobile data projectors provide access to the school network and associated resources in any room a teacher requires.

Computer lab

Carinya Gunnedah has a computer lab available for classes and is used from our Prep class through to Year 6. This enables classes to pursue IT based lessons with each student able to have their own computer.

Wireless Enabled Network

In addition to the wired local area network, Carinya’s wireless network means that laptop computers are able to access network resources anywhere in the school.

Network Administration & IT Developer - Integrator

A Network Administrator and Technical Support Officer ensure the stability and performance of the wired and wireless networks are guaranteed for staff and students. They are able to maintain our network through a combination of remote access and on-site work. Students from Prep to Year 6 are provided with a username and password to access the schools network and associated systems.

Carinya Gunnedah is supported by a full time IT Developer-Integrator based in our Tamworth school. His expertises are used to help the implementation of teaching and administrative systems. Staff, students and parents are provided with training and assistance in using and the various information systems. Teachers also receive direct assistance and training to help them develop their integration of e-learning into their teaching.

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