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Contemporary, stimulating, inviting for all ages

Carinya's library is a contemporary and stimulating research facility which caters for the needs of students from Gumnuts to Year 12. It is a friendly place where students from all age groups mingle while they pursue reading, research and creative leisure-time activities such as playing chess or drawing before school and at lunchtime.

A combination of flexibility and structure assists students to find resources efficiently

The library's open plan learning spaces, which include a 32-workstation computer laboratory and learning areas with interactive white boards, allow students easy access to visual and electronic resources as well as to the constantly updated print collections. To facilitate access to age-appropriate resources the Fiction resources are divided into Prep, Junior, Primary, General Fiction and Senior Fiction collections, while Non-Fiction is divided into Junior and Senior Non-Fiction collections. Further guidance in selection of reading material is available to students by consultation with the school’s teacher-librarian.

Online Technology facilitates independent learning and preparation for the future

Students completing research tasks are able to access the library's OPAC (a web-based catalogue) within the library and from other classrooms equipped with computers. The OPAC, which runs in two formats to suit the range of ages in the school, also allows immediate access to other library catalogues and databases, subject-oriented internet sites, subscription encyclopedias such as Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as the school's extensive audio-visual collection stored in the ClickView video library. Online tutorials are available on the Library page of the school's intranet site to assist students in advanced use of the OPAC.

The Library intranet page also contains tutorials on research skills and report-writing techniques, as well as providing suggested reading lists and book reviews. The ready access to digital technology afforded by the library encourages students to improve their use and understanding of digital resources, and assists them to develop as independent learners ready to move on to tertiary education.

After school Homework Club

The library hosts Carinya’s after school homework club. Students are able to work in the library until 5.00pm on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Afternoon tea is provided.

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